Trying to Filter field using LIKE but getting Yahoo Copyright error?

Hey Everyone!

I’m trying to pull items if the item field contains a specific String, so what I’m trying to do is use the LIKE filter in the table.

For example, in our items table I type into the filter string area, “ownerName LIKE %tom%”. However I get this weird error of just a bunch of HTML code returned and this comment

“/* Copyright © 2010, Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. Code licensed under the BSD License: */”

I’m not really sure what to do here and any help here would be appreciated :smiley:

Is this is a MongoDB service?

If yes, this is a known bug, that I just filed today.

Hey Drew!

Yeah it is. Ah okay well that’s good to know hopefully it’ll be fixed soon then haha!

thanks for the reply.

Hey Drew!

Any news on this bug?

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Hey @Tynan_Davis,

It is closed now.


Just to clarify, there’s no action needed on the part of our users except to update to the latest DreamFactory release, 2.3.1, which includes df-mongodb 0.5.0. It has this fix included. You’re able to use the standard DreamFactory sql-like filtering syntax, just like you already can on all sql services.

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