Use storedprocedure to fetch Master - Details records

I’m Using Dreamfactory with .Net MVC, I’m wondering if it is possible to fetch master - detail records by stored procedure.
for instance I’m having a Customer table with fields

  1. CustomerID
    Address table with field
  2. AddressID
  3. CustomerID
  4. Address
    One customer can have multiple address.
    Any help???


Multiple result sets are not supported.

You can achieve what you want by either splitting into 2 stored procedures or returning an entity that contains both customer and address data thus having duplicate customers in the result set. You can then group the results by customerID in C# if necessary.


Is it possible to achieve the same by using related queries?

Yes, of course. Have a look at the .NET SDK github repo, it has a AddressBookDemo that demonstrates related queries.