User database with different applications

If a user registers himself in one of my applications then I have him added to the users table. If a have another application on the same server and the same dreamfactory database, how can I add this user for the new application, if he is already in the table? But he wouldn’t know and just be informed that a user with these data is already registered. I want a user table per application. How can I get that?

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Do you want duplicate user tables for each application? Can you put a trigger on the user table to copy the new record to another table?

Yes that might be one option. It would also be acceptable if one user can have several entries in the user table. One for each application. Of course I could use separate tables, but in this case I would have to care about user management by myself and could not use the “user” service of DF. Or is there any way of having several user tables or several entries for one user in the users table by means of functions of DF?