User/register not being called


I’m trying to create user profile in my main app mysql db after registering a new user. If I’m not terribly mistaken I saw POST user/register endpoint being called after logging in with OAuth if the user was not in the users table already - which makes sense.

Can anyone please correct me?

  1. POST user/register should be called when I log in for the first time with a email/OAuth service combination (eg. via FB). Correct?
  2. If I delete the user manually via DF Admin Panel #/users tab and then repeat the pt 1 process - DF should treat it as a brand new user registering and call POST user/register again?

However ATM I can’t confirm POST user/register is being called at all even in the first case (brand new FB Test User used) so I need to know at least what the ‘expected result’ shoud be. :slight_smile: