V8js Custom Script call another V8js Custom Script?


I have two custom scripts. I would like to call one custom script (that does a smaller operation) from a larger custom script that does more processing. Would you please help me with the correct syntax?

I have tried:

platform.api.post(“CustomScriptName”, {jsonPayload});

And found this in my logs

Got error 'PHP message: REST Exception #501 > Database or driver does not support fetching all stored procedure names.\nPHP message: REST Exception #501 > Database or driver does not support fetching all stored function names.

I then tried
(guessing based on .js include documentation)

customScript = require(‘CustomScriptName’);

return platform.api.post(customScript, jsonPayload);

But that lead to this error in the logs:

The module “CustomScriptName” could not be found in any known locations.\nPHP message: REST Exception #500 > Module loader callback exception

I have confirmed the custom scripts are both visible on my Services tab and my user’s role has both Script and API access as well as POST access.

Thank you

BTW I am on a Bitnami AWS implementation. Thanks again.

I’m not sure that log error is related to your custom scripts unless you are calling stored procedures in your script.

Not sure if this makes a difference, but if you intend to use the return data from the the smaller operation, you need to assign the api call to a variable so you can work with the return

var smallOperation = platform.api.post("customScriptName",{"json":"object here"});

Then if you want to debug you can return smallOperation to the client to see the output of var_dump(smallOperation) to the log file to see what’s coming back from the other script, including any potential errors.