Ways to get a list of logged in users Apps/App groups via api

Hi guys

I am just a newby so forgive me if you fell that this is a daft question but I am looking for a way to access a list of the logged in users assigned applications.

I did see, using Angularjs SDK, that the user apps are passed with the response from the server and are then removed from the user session data using the below:

delete result.data.no_group_apps;
delete result.data.app_groups;

The alarming thing is the comment above these lines:

// remove unnecessary apps data
// this is temporary and cleans up our
// session obj that is returned by the login function
// this data will be removed from the session object in
// DSP v2 so if you use it for anything currently
// beware and use at your own risk

Would anyone have a suggestion as a work around where I could call the API to collect the application lists as I would be trying to use this to build an application menu for logged in users?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Marc,

The nature of the module was to provide session management and the intent of the comment was to be informative. There was/is talk about removing app_groups and no_group_apps from the initial returned session data and allowing the user to request that data via related data or param. If you wish to comment out the delete lines and use that returned data feel free to do so without worry that the data will just one day stop working.