What's a difference between resource/ and resource/*

What’s a difference between resource/ and resource/* when setting up access rules for the role?

@Vsevolod_Gromov Think about it like this:

resource/ = everything before resource but nothing after resource.


resource/* = access to everything after resource, nothing before resource.

Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for an answer.
Though, could you be so kind to elaborate it a bit, or correct the following, if it’s wrong…
Suppose, we have …/user resource
Settings access to user/ allows access to user, and anything that’s ‘higher’ on the resource path, right?
There is no restriction on user parameters, as well, so anything like user?relation…,or user?filter is legit?
But, an attempt to access user resource with specific id, like user/{id}… would fail, and would only work with user/* permission, right?