You do not have access to requested file

I am using a free instance of dreamfactory straight from the dreamfactory website. I have followed the instructions to the letter as far as I can tell on the sample project Address Book for JavaScript but I am getting the above error.

The path to the files is entered as /files/jsaddress/add_javascript/ in the services files config to make it public. Is that the right format? I have guest roles set to * and my API key is set in the script.js etc etc. Running out of things to check. Any ideas anyone?

You do not need to include ‘files’ in the path, since that is the name of the service you are configuring.
Just jsaddress/add_javascript
or jsaddress

That was definitely a good idea - but alas I still have the same message. Flushed the browser cache just in case but no,

have you confirmed that the path to the files is correct? file paths are case sensitive in this instance.
Also, if you provide your instance URL, I can check the logs. It may provide more insight.

Bravo Drew, your question exposed the answer. It was when you asked for the instance path I noticed 2 things. One that there was a // in the url for this app because I has set the launch path in the app with a leading /. Secondly spot on, the answer you gave, there was a whole jsaddress/ missing for the path. Now it works I can see how powerful Dreamfactory is turning out to be, both with this and my other post you answered. Many thanks.

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