NodeJS post_process scripting for user/session example - Error 500


Hi everyone,

I’m trying to append some extra data on user session object after user login, but somehow DF keeps returning 500 error after I call the api.
This is simple code, but I don’t know why it’s breaking.

var url = 'mysql/_table/extra_data/';
if(event.response.status_code === 200) {

    if (platform.session.user &&{
	    var email =;

        platform.api.get(url + email, null, function(body, response) {
            event.response.content.extra_data = {
            event.response.content_changed = true;

Any clues?




I think I might have the same issue.
When activating event script on I get this error: “strpos() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given”. (error here)
Did you solved your problem?