NodeJS throwing error code 127


Running Dreamfactory on CentOS 7:

I have an issue with server side scripting where running NodeJS script throws an error, “Executed command returned with error code: 127”. Creating a service with NodeJS is running fine but when I run a post process in NodeJS script to customize a native api, it throws an error code 127.

Enabling the DEBUG mode seems not capturing details of this error. Is there anyway that I can check details of this error?


get.pre_process is running fine. However if I run the same nodejs code in get.post_process, it throws an error 127.


Exit code 127 indicates a ‘command not found error’.

could you try running hello.js separately? I suspect the sudo is causing problems since the child process for hello.js won’t also start under sudo. Try something like:

~/nodejs/node-inspector sudo node_g --debug test/hello.js &

~/nodejs/node-inspector sudo node bin/inspector.js

If that doesn’t work could you provide more details on your environment and distro?

Bhanu Prasad


Both commands running under sudo seems not working.

The environment is running under:
CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core)
NodeJS v8.7.0