Returning true instead of 1


When I first set up dreamfactory, I had a column with type INT(1). Every time I queried that column, it returned a boolean (true) instead of 1, so I changed the column type to INT(4) in phpmyadmin, and when that didn’t work, I tried VARCHAR(4). The type doesn’t seem to matter; I’m still getting a boolean rather than an int though the dreamfactory schema correctly recognizes the type. Is there something I can do to force the return of either an int or string?


Even though the dreamfactory schema showed the correct type, changing the “type” field and saving made it return an integer rather than a boolean instantly.


Just an additional note – you will want to refresh schema ( GET {service name}/_schema?refresh=true) any time you make changes to your schema via other tools. Otherwise DreamFactory doesn’t know about the changes until the cache expires.