2.4.2: Query parameters passed to a V8 script are automatically forwarded to subsequent http-service calls?

Looks like all query parameters passed to a v8 script-service are automatically appended to subsequent platform.api calls, and there is no way to override them within the same script:

curl -X GET “http://localhost:8080/api/v2/v8_service?p=yyyy

var options = {
parameters: {
p: ‘xxxx’ //doesn’t override event.request.parameters.p
platform.api.get(http_service, options); //p=yyyy gets passed on to the http_service

This seems to be the case since 2.3.0. Is this a new feature? It breaks our 2.2.1 code.

I also tried:

instead of:
platform.api.get(“http_service”, null, options);

Alas, the parameter ‘p’ kept its original value of ‘yyyy’. This is still true with Dreamfactory v2.5.0