V8 platform.api.pacth/put not working with remote HTTP service

ENV: DF 2.3.1, installation VM Bitnami.

I created an event script in my message table, and created an HTTP-api my service, but to run a resquest for my HTTP service DF removing this url parameters written into the script.

Service config

remoteURl: myUrl

 auth_token: token  Outbond: true  CacheKey: true
 agent: {user.display_name} Outbond: true  CacheKey: true

 Content-Type: application/json


var payload = {"attr": value};
platform.api.patch('my-api/registro?user_id=id', payload);

Output my event script

Url: 'my-api/resgistro?auth_token=token&agent=display_name' // user_id is removed for DF

@paulo.hgf1408 If I’m understanding correctly you’ve connected your web service inside DreamFactory as remote web service/HTTP service and now you are scripting on the service a PATCH on the DF service? In theory this should work. As a test can you do the following? Try writing a script to call the web service not as a DreamFactory service e.g. the ‘my-api’ service but call the service directly using the full URL of service. This may have to be not an event script but a scripted service call. I’m curious, does this work?

Hi @Sasquatch!
I tried your suggestion, to spend full URL in my request and it worked, but the problem is the service + platform.api when will do replace the URL params.

Hi @Sasquatch!
more an afterthought the platform.api this passing only multipart / form-data even setting the header payload is passed as form-data.

Sorry my Inglês is terrible. and I am using google translate