Accessing API via custom domain

Hi ,

I have my dreamfactory instance hosted on AWS EC2 instance.I have pointed my custom domain to the dreamfactory API i.e. [ is pointed to ] .

When I access api_docs ( swagger UI ) through my custom domain , the API dont seem to work , the requests do not complete . The response code is 0 and response body is “no content” .

Do I need to do any additional setting on DF installation to make this work ?


pretty sure you should just point your domain to the IP address of the instance (e.g.
DreamFactory will handle the various paths for you.
The dreamfactory/dist path is for the Web based UI, but the actual API is called on the api/v2/… path.

I guess the problem for some people might be is that they don’t want to expose the admin console (read dreamfactory/dist path). It is maybe nicer if the api and the app are on the same and higher level so you can point for example your proxy to this high level map, giving access to only the app and the api and keep the admin console on a vpn / cdn.