Accessing documentation and resources (token/session issues)

I keep losing my session when navigating around the website - ex, I log in to the website, navigate to my developer enterprise console (not the admin app, just the list of my instances), click the resources button at the top, and upon the page loading I am no longer logged in and it asks me to sign up again

I am also having the same issues when going between different sections of documentation (tutorials, wiki, etc)

And as an aside, I seem to also be having quite a few issues that appear extremely similar on my local install. This all seems to be related to the new token system - on my local install I keep getting invalid token messages when opening a new tab and then navigating somewhere on the parent. Or when logging in to my actual application via dreamfactory session (with the same admin/user account) and then attempting to use the admin app/console

It is extremely frustrating for sure but my main concern is that I built my application to use dreamfactory to authenticate and so far, the new token system seems extremely finicky, causing me to log in over and over again with no real apparent pattern. Sometimes it is on page reload, sometimes when navigating to a new route (it is an angular app) I will not be able to hit the REST API because my token will have be invalidated.

Note that I have checked the token expiration and everything is in line with the documentation and it definitely does not explain getting logged out within (sometimes) as little as 60 seconds of login

I am hopeful that this is something I am doing wrong or that it is a known issue with a resolution in the pipeline but has anyone else been having this issue

Is this on Windows? Bitnami install?

Yes and Yes

Though part of the issue is of course the actual site, not just the local install