Dream factory login failed


Previously I install dream factory with BITNAMI in order to make some demostration of the technology to my collegues. I configurated the APIs and it works well before.

Now, after one months I retry to go back and log into the administration interface, but it is not possible now.
Before only the user and the password fields appears into the login page. Now there is OAuth and SAML parts that are shown.

I inspect the console errors, and there is a lot of errors like :

Is there someone having an idea ?

Without any more details, I would suspect that your system database is not running, or at least the DreamFactory application is not making successful connections to it. Check to see if it’s running using the Bitnami Stack manager utility (if local install) or the ctlscript (if using a cloud/vm instance,) https://docs.bitnami.com/aws/apps/dreamfactory/#how-to-start-or-stop-the-services

Thanks, you may be have a raison.