Accessing logs via admin GUI

Currently when developing a server-side script on DF, the only way to access the logs and see the output traces printed by the script is logging into the machine and tailing htdocs/storage/logs/dreamfactory.log.

If for example a team is working on a remote development server that means you have to share the credentials to access the server with the whole team, which may be not convenient.

In my opinion it would be great to have a new tab in the admin panel to see the log output, so developers don’t need to log in to the DF server.


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Thanks, this is helpful feedback. @aislam is working on a logging service in this sprint. Logging will be a first-class service with configurable inputs and outputs e.g. to write logs to logstash, etc. You’ll be able to add an arbitrary number of logging services, so very flexible.

I’ve shared your feedback with the engineering team.

@rbarriuso One thing we’ll do pretty soon is add a system/log API that shows the content of the Laravel log file, with some basic filtering capabilities. That should be a good start.

Sounds great, thanks!

I would love for this to happen. It’s been a real struggle to write scripts without access to the log.

I was also thinking if its possible to write a script which is just for debugging scripts.