Adding record to db problem


I have an application (not written it myself) that tries to write a record to database.
The whole POST body seems right, except that there is no “resource” wrapper element,
and DF answers that it can not detect any record information.

In the SCHEMA documentation (
this statement is made:

All posted and returned data, when not using the table_name path parameter must be an array of table-defining property sets, possibly wrapped with a resource element based on system configuration. The wrapper label itself can be optional or modified, see configuration options.”

This should also be possible for creating a record.

In the "htdocs/config/df.php i have changed a parameter always_wrap_resources to false, but when i look it up
with the api-docs tester it stays at TRUE.

How can it set to FALSE and will it prevent from DF asking for a RESOURCE element wrapping the array of fields and values?


Hi @rtnieuwboer,

A workaround is use pre-process script to modify the post payload, adding the missing “resource”.

Maybe this post will help you: Update field using PreProcess scripts