Difference in createRecord in v2 and v2.1.0

Hi ,

I just upgraded to DF 2.1.0 and my APIs for createRecord (_table/{table_name}) started failing.
On experimenting a bit I found that the Payload that worked earlier and now started showing “No record(s) detected in request” was due to wrapping of data around “resource” item . It wasnt compulsory and worked fine with v2.0 , but doesnt now.

Worked fine with below format in v2.0


Requires now to be of this format in v2.1.0


I dont want to change my code at several places , so wanted to know if I have any option besides downgrading to v2.0 ?

You are correct that the resource array is now required. No need to downgrade for this. Just update those several places in your code and be done with it.

hi todd
what are the reasons of the return of the “ressoures array”?

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