Android Exception when Rest API managed by DreamFactory

I’m developing an Android mobile App with delphi using a Rest API hosted by an Apache server.
Everything was working perfectly until I place DreamFactory between clients and Rest API server.
I implemented Service, role, users…
Working fine with

  • Postman
  • W32 version Mobile App compilation (easy with Delphi)

But when I call DreamFactory exposed API with Android client I get an exception
EJNIException : unexpected end of stream

It seems linked to different sizes of data between expected and received
And this occurs only with Android (not iOS tested yet) and DreamFactory
Direct request to Web Server hosting Rest API works fine even with Android.

Current DreamFactory used for test = v4.5.3

Is there setting to define, helping to improve Android support?



My bad… added in wrong section… new topic created in “Connecting to Web Services” = Android Client Exception when Rest API managed by DreamFactory (double quote on params)