REST Exception "PARAMETERS" is not supported

I’ve just upgrade dreamfactory on latest git version 2.12.0. I have Centos 7.5, nginx with php-fpm.
Now I am getting this errors multiple times:
[error] 1678#0: *277 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: REST Exception #501 > The verb "PARAMETERS" is not supported.
for request: “GET /api/v2/api_docs/radtaxidb HTTP/1.1” and referrer: “

Can you please help me, to solve that issue?
Thank you,

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I am also having this issue. DF version 2.14.0:
[08-Dec-2018 14:45:52] WARNING: [pool www] child 4132 said into stderr: “NOTICE: PHP message: REST Exception #501 > The verb “PARAMETERS” is not supported.”

Looking for ideas as there is nothing anywhere

Hi @Mike_Harvey,

Thank you for bringing this back up. I will make sure the engineers take a look into this.


Any update on this? It’s still hosed and no idea how to fix.

Hi Mike,

Apologies on the delay. Could we get a little more information on how you installed DreamFactory? Did you use the GitHub clone or Bitnami? Which OS are you running it on? Thanks