AngularJS Ionic, dreamfactory trying to make Rest work

I’m building a hybroid app which connect to an external MYSQL database using dreamfactory
I’m kind of stuk with building the app as is respect to getting the data out of DreamFactory.
this is what i have done so far:

  1. I have made an App in de dashboard, created a service, made a role, enabled the CORS in the config panel.
  2. I can now see the database and search in it using the API Docs
  3. I have installed the angular dreamfactory SDK and added it in the index.html
  4. In the apps.js I have entered the DSO URL and the API Key
  5. I have created a JSON file using the live API on the hosted dreamfactory.
  6. Used the JSON file to show the data in the app

And then im stuck, cant figure out how to change the $http call to the json.file to a request via dreamfactory

this is my code:

.controller(‘testCtrl’, [’$http’,function($http){
var gno = this;
gno.members = [];

      gno.members = data;


      .state('app.potentie', {
        url: "/potentie",
        views: {
          'menuContent': {
            templateUrl: "templates/potentie.html",
    		controller: "testCtrl as test",


    <div ng-repeat="member in test.members">
    <div ng-repeat="nummer in member">

So this works but now I’m trying to do this via a REST service can anyone help me.

Check out this thread, where another user successfully integrated DreamFactory with Ionic.