Api does not list table after adding or removing tables from Mysql

Bitnami windows 10 x64
Mysql 5.7

If you add a table to mysql and then goto Api Docs the table is not listed. Even after restarting mysql and dreamfactory then all else the computer, the table is still not listed. The only way to get it listed is to goto Schema and select your schema and list the tables. After that it will show up and the api call works.

It’s not a cache issue with the browser as I can call the api with the missing table and it will fail.


I think the only way to DF know if exist (or not) tables is using the Schema option and press the “Refresh” button to update the information, isn’t automatic DF discover changes if you update the database.

Apply to if you change tables (add key’s, fields, etc).

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Yes I think you are correct, it’s no problem to do that I just didn’t know.

Thanks LB

Just to add a little more info:
DreamFactory keeps a local cache of the structure of your database – what tables are available and their structure, what procedures and functions are available and what parameters they take.
Any time you make changes to this outside of DreamFactory you need to refresh the cache. You can do this as mentioned in the above post. You can also do a GET on {servicename}/_schema?refresh=true to bypass and refresh the cache.