API token only not working

I’m a newbie with DreamFactory and I’m using a docker setup from bitami.

I want to use an API key only authentication but what ever config I’m trying i’m getting a 401 error, “Unauthorized. User is not authenticated.”

I’m clearly missing something in my config but i can’t seem to find it. Tried varias option from the community.

My config is a docker setup on windows 10 with a mongodb on my windows 10 machine. I can retrieve records via the API docs option. I’ve created a app with a default rule. A default rule with access to the service and configured cors with access to the services/app.

Is there something i have to lookin to to get this working.


I know what the problem is…

If I connect to the configuration remote the request is working.

Seems like making the request from a local machine needs to authenticated.