Arrays converted to objects upon filtering by ID

When I call


I am returning a few arrays under the response;

"comments": 42,
  "tags": [

but when I add a filter by id;

the returned data changes to;

  "comments": 42,
  "tags": {
    "0": "in",
    "1": "enim",
    "2": "cillum",
    "3": "occaecat",
    "4": "ea",
    "5": "aute",
    "6": "quis"

breaking my app’s deserialization.
What is weirder is when I do a _.each on the object, I get


… [more]

I saw here that it’s something to do with PHP, but not sure how to solve the problem when it comes to DF API.

How could I ensure I always get an array as a response?