AWS SNS Not Working in 2.0

Hi Guys,

DF 2.0 is good except for one major reason. The whole client application has to be changed for API calls as the request and response has changed significantly. Also I have one major issue in 2.0. Anything related to endpoints is not working in 2.0. I am not able to listEndPoints, createEndpoints etc.

I am sure the configuration is right as listTopics and other stuff works. Also this is working perfectly in 1.9.1.

Please check and help me resolve this issue.


Hi, Please help me solve this issue.

I don’t have a lot of experience with SNS, but I’ll be happy to look into it.

RE: the differences between 1.9 and 2.x – version 2 was a complete rewrite, including a change of frameworks, causing many of the differences you see. We also took the opportunity to implement some best practices, such as adding the api versioning to the api path (you’ll notice most public APIs do this.) We did our best to document the significant changes:
The wiki also has release notes for each revision.

Anyway, like I said, I’ll check out SNS and see what I can find.

I’m not having any trouble with this in my instance, which is on the latest code, 2.1 retagged and published 2 days ago.

Can you post what specific version of DreamFactory you’re using, and the full API calls and errors you’re getting back?

DreamFactory Version: 2.0.2

Request URL is


Response Body is empty

“resource”: []

When I try listEndPoints, I do not get any error message but the response body is empty. Other methods like listTopics works fine. Also listEndPoints works in 1.9.0

I update my server to 2.1 but still not receiving endPoints when I call api/v2/Push/endpoint?names_only=true

Hi @drewpearce,

Where you able to check why this is not working?


I have not been able to look at this since your last reply – traveling.

Ok. I am doing a workaround of creating a new remote web service. Any help will be useful on making SNS working will be helpful

Hi, I do have the same issue. Does anybody have found the reason or a workaround? Would be great.

The workaround I am doing is creating a remte web service for AWS SNS as a remote web service. It’s quite complex and I am doing it only for post to application method.

DreamFactory 2.1.1 contains an updated AWS sdk module. This may resolve the issue you’re experience. Try it out and see.

This cant work. You need to use /push/endpoint/{endpoint_name}

Edit: ok, so for listing ALL endpoints, GET /push/endpoint would be correct but its indeed flawed. Rest of the endpoints are partially broken if you dont change webserver settings. Then its down to /push/endpoint being broken, see full list of my tests