How to implement Amazon SNS push notification on mobile apps

I am trying to implement push notifications on Ionic app using dreamfactory and Amazon SNS.
There is a very descriptive article to implement email notifications and it is working fine. But I can’t seem to find anything helpful for implementing same on mobile. Details at the end of this article for implementing mobile push aren’t that helpful.

Only decent explanation I found was in this question posted by another user.

But as api docs doesn’t really provide details on what parameters needs to be sent with request at all of these steps

  • Create a topic
  • Create an app
  • Create an endpoint on that app
  • Create a subscription for the topic/endpoint
  • Publish to the topic or endpoint

It is really difficult to follow Amazon SNS doc as a reference as well.
Looking forward to hearing from dreamfactory community on this.


Update 1: So place I am still stuck is Step 3 “Create an endpoint on that app” as I am not able to create an endpoint using DF api docs. This is what I get in response:

The requested URL /api/v2/push/app/************* endpoint was not found on this server.

I can create them fine using AWS dashboard and send push notifications to devices but I need to be able to do same using api docs to implement this in code.

Some other details which may be helpful:
When I do this [GET /push/app]:

It shows me list of my apps.

But when doing this [GET /push/app/{app_name}]:

It again shows me the same error (I am passing response parameter “PlatformApplicationArn” received in [GET /push/app] above as app_name in current POST request:

The requested URL /api/v2/push/**********************
was not found on this server.

Looks like this is a known issue and something DF team is working on. Adding link here in case someone else come across similar issue.