Azure Active Directory OAuth roadmap?

tl;dr: How quickly will Azure AD OAuth happen, and would a PHP noob’s work on a PR be useful?

Are there plans to integrate Azure AD OAuth support? My organization is very interested in DF right now for internal use, but we’re pretty tightly tied to on-prem AD, and are trying to move to Azure AD for a variety of reasons. If there are plans, what’s the timeline? I’d be more than happy to work on a Github pull request, but I’m unfamiliar enough with PHP and the DF setup to anticipate that being a relatively slow process.

Azure AD OAuth is on the product roadmap for later this year. Timing isn’t finalized, but I can say it won’t be in the next two sprints (12 weeks total) given the current backlog. That said, if it’s urgent for your use cases I’ll connect you with a DF engineer here to discuss a PR.

Email me directly benbusse at if you’re interested in working a pull request.