A Tip for a newcommer

Hi there guys.

I have a database that holds a single table with very simple data. 1 single method that’s it.

I would like to have this data accessible by users with auth tokens and be able to see api call packs.

Now, I managed to install the opensource on my server and managed to connect the database.

Any tips on developing a client portal ? where they can log in and see their usage / top up their account ?

I am looking for something very simple. any help is appreciated.

If you have something very “simple”, maybe the best option is to go to a micro-framework, like: Silex or Lumen.
They have connection to BD, user Auth, and can create API to serve to client’s.

I see the DreamFactory a more advanced API builder, like a big machine, more than a tool to use.
You can use to DreamFactory to build what you want, but require more installation, configuration, prepare roles and permissions, etc… then create/move the table to same database used by DF (not required, but to me recommended), define a Service or Scripting to manage the content or serve through the API.

Best regards,

If you plan do go forward using DF, the best thing is to check the youtube Channel. It very well explains the Basics.