Azure SQL DB backend with AppGyver frontend

My plan was to create a SQL Azure database which will then be accessed through an Android App created through AppGyver (Steroids). To access the SQL Azure DB I would need to create a Service.
So far I have the SQL DB running and have also created the service through DreamFactory and successfully connected to the Azure DB.

I am now trying to connect to the service correctly from AppGyver.

I have added a REST API provider using a base URL received from dreamfactory which I copied from when I tested the service successfully for a specific table. I then need to enter a username and password for this provider.

I have entered my dreamfactory username and password and have not been successful at accessing the service. I have also tried the SQL Azure username and password but also no luck.

I am assuming the issue is to do with authentication and am convinced I need to create a user for my service through dreamfactory. Is this assumption correct? any advice?


Use authentication :none;

Then add the X-DREAMFACTORY-APPLICATION-NAME header with the value of your app name you created in the admin app.

Thanks Jason. I will give it a go and let you know if it worked out for me.