"Batch Error" on updating records in the table


I am calling the API via AJAX , When i am trying to update records in the table, all records are updating successfully, but API returns
"errorBatch Error: Not all records could be patched" with the 400 error code.

Please suggest me to solve this problem.

Hi @Nishant_Soni!

How many itens do you have in request?

Hi @paulo.hgf1408,

I have multiple records in the request. Records may be 1 or more than 1 (it is dynamic).

But now some times i am getting error, some times it is working fine.

I have DF 2.4.2 and i solved this problem with blocks requests.
This blocks contais ten itens its no perfect solution but its work.

I have also DF 2.4.2, and i will also try this solution.