updateRecords() not updating all records

None of the three updateRecord() methods in the PATCH db api is working properly for me. I created a new table with two primary keys and a third status field and everything was working well. But when I added four more fields, PATCH calls to the api only update the first field(status). None of the four new fields get updated. I have tested this on the dsp, postman, and curl. Any insights on the problem?

The same thing happens for PUT requests.

-PS. Any updates on the release of v2.0?

I restarted the server and everything seems to work fine.

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How were you checking whether the fields were updated or not? GET requests to the DB will still return the cached version of the DB as it was before the PATCH calls, unless the cache expires (which probably happened upon reboot) or you pass the ?refresh=true parameter in your DB call.

v2.0 will be available in this repository.

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