Be featured in our App Showcase

Hey DreamFactory devs!

Are you building an App, or have built an App with DreamFactory? I’m trying to find apps for our App Showcase page we are building! This is a chance to get your app exposure by being included on our showcase page and shared on social media and newsletters.

If you are working at a large company or working on an Ionic app for a large client, or you have a popular Ionic app that you helped build, I would love to know about it.

Having your input makes it easier for us to understand just how widely used DreamFactory is, and also makes it easier for us to prioritize features and services for these top apps and app developers.

If you have something you’d like to share, but you may possibly need some privacy around the project (i.e. you would probably not feel comfortable submitting to the public showcase or sharing the work publicly) please send me an email at I promise full confidentiality.

Submit it here!

We will consider all submissions, to be published publicly on the DreamFactory showcase page.

Thank you!