Dreamfactory over Laravel?


I currently have an application @ ilys.com I’ve written in Laravel 4.2 and am getting ready for creating a dreamfactory powered backend for it.

The application has been live for a while now and has an active userbase.

I’d love to find a way to continue using the controllers that are managing the application.

Is there a pattern for mapping the DreamFactory APIs to already-built Laravel controllers?

Many thanks! I’m super excited about bringing DreamFactory into the mix. After the API is in good shape, I am going to make a desktop version with Electron and will attempt apps with ReactNative. So this API will be a critical piece.

Thanks again,

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Hey @AtlasApollo thanks for your post! I am looking into this for you.

Glad to hear of your ideas for how you are planning to use DreamFactory! I’d love to learn more about it in the meantime. Also, once you’ve developed it a little further down the line, we’d love for you to share your DreamFactory story!


Hi Alex,

Thank you very much for looking into this!

Yes, I’d love to share the story as I build this out, especially when all the pieces are working well together!

All the best,