Beginner - how to make a remote web service call?


i am trying to make a simple remote api call , through an url,

using POST with a JSON payload ,

{ "jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "api", "params":[
    "opts" : {
            "login" : "xxx",
            "password" : "xxx",
            "db" : "dbname1",
            "host": "host-ip",
            "port": "4321",
            "protocol": "https"
    "moduleDetail" : {
        "model" : "login",
        "method" : "login",
        "args" : {},
        "filter" : "",
        "fields" : "",
        "domain" : "",
        "offset" : "",
        "limit" : "",
        "sort" : "",
} ], "id": 1}

what i did was ,

  1. create a service , select ->remote service->HTTP Service
  2. at the page config , i am stuck and do not know what to do

can any one provide some advice for how to proceed ?

In the first place , i am not sure whether i am going in the right direction or
i need to setup using Script->Javascript/PHP/Python for custom service ?


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Did you ever figured it out? I am also stuck in similar scenario.
BaseURL ???
In swagger json, what are the values of ‘host’, ‘basePath’ and ‘schemes’ ?

I short, I need to access a remote web service:
with a payload:
"token" : "gfhiasgertttyy"

And I need a dsp service for the above call as shown below:
with a payload:
"token" : "gfhiasgertttyy"

How can I accomplish this?

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I’m getting below error when calling my newly created DSP web service through curl :
{“error”:{“context”:null,“message”:“Undefined offset: 1”,“code”:500,“trace”:[ … ] }

Any clues ???

It seems this thread is dead. Anyway for community info, I created two threads regarding this - one for POST request and for GET request with Authorization Bearer headers. Hoping it may save hours/days for someone.


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Hey @abhinavg and @kalmenchia,

Have you checked out our resources?