How make a new API which uses remote web service

Similar to DB API’s I created new API name is SampleAPI’s. In this I created new API getInfo API
which should use the remote web service. For this reason I created new remote web service.
This remote web service has URI and header information, added base URI and header and created

I wrote web service using REST and I was able to access the using the URI

and header is : X-Auth-Token: user:Ben Johnson:1430392564249:aa05cca50221f66cae16229bdc8c1056

So new API getInfo is using this remote web service but not getting result.

For my problem i tried this way

created remote web service and base URL is http://localhost:8080/WebServerItcInfo/rest

how to make it work when i click trynow button for getInfo API, which should use remote web service should call URI is http://localhost:8080/WebServerItcInfo/rest/Itc/Location/Pune,India
and get the information.

Please suggest me how to do.

This post provides some guidance, check it out.