Best Practices / Paths to migration from 1.9

Looking to migrate to 2.X and read somewhere there would be some useful tools available at some point for this. If there are not any tools available, what’s the best way to migrate a smallish instance? Move mysql db, or populate from JSON? Is there a good way to export 20,000+ records not through mysql?

Bueller? Anyone? Could use some help on this…

official documentation for porting your app from 1.x :

When you say 20k+ records, are you referring to records in the system database (such as 20k users) or just general data in your MySQL database for your app?

Just general data - not users

The very easiest thing to do would be to just connect your new instance to this same mysql server.

next easiest would be to use MySQL’s export and import tools (though I know you said you don’t want to use mysql tools.)

You could use DreamFactory 1 to export the records and then import them in DF 2, but you’re going to run into issues of max record counts, so you’ll have to do it in batches.

So is it possible to install DF2.0 on the same server as my current 1.9? It’s through bitnami. I think this would be the best thing to do… Any insight on this would help me out a bunch.

Hi John, I think you’re on AWS, right? Since 2.x is so different the cleanest way to upgrade from 1.x to 2.x is to create a new server and install the latest Bitnami package there. Could you use PhpMyAdmin to move your data over? I don’t recall if you have related tables but that’s something to watch out for.