Migrate Users to Another DF Instance

I have a DF 2.0.2 instance that I need to move to another server. The DF app is basically being rebuilt (new API key), but I want to migrate all the users to my new DF instance that is version 2.3.

When looking at the packages export of 2.0.2 I only see schema and services export, not user data.

How can I move all my users to the new instance and keep their passwords intact? Is it possible? Does putting ‘user’ or ‘system’ service into a package preserve all the users?

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Hey @zerox12,

You can use the Packages tab to import and export users, apps, files, database schemas and more. So, you need to upgrade first, as that feature was released in 2.1.2.


After many struggles my old DF instance is now upgraded. However I can’t export any packages. The drop down just says “Loading…”.

If I export the mySQL table can I just manually import that table to my other instance?