Bitnami, DF, and AWS Rekognition

After 2 weeks, I’m still trying to get my Bitnami/Dreamfactory working with AWS Rekognition. I’m a novice at the backend stuff.

I’ve installed Composer and the latest ASW SDK from here:

I’m confused as to where this goes:

<?php require 'vendor/autoload.php'; Also, there seem to be 2 different DF programs. One local and one cloud. The local one has only the 3 apps I started with (phpMyAdmin accessible), and the cloud one has all the Services, apps, etc. I’ve been trying. It seems to me that I’m installing these things (Composer, etc.) on the local configuration (on my hard drive). Am I doing something wrong? How do I know that changes I make are making it to both? Should I have 2? In my cloud DF, the AWS Rekognition SDK seems to be installed in Services and the API-DOCS seem to appear properly. When I TRY the LISTCOLLECTIONS, I receive this error, although the URL shown in the error is a mere snippet of the BASE URL entered in the service, and the SERVICE DEFINITION. "error": { "code": 6, "context": null, "message": "Couldn't resolve host ''", "status_code": 500 } } Any help will be greatly appreciated!