Bug in SMTP configuration save - missing config

There seems to be an issue at present whereby the admin UI does not pass all settings back to the server when saving the configuration for an SMTP email service.

It saves the basic information but none of the configuration from the “Config” tab.

When I test and view the request body sent to the server it just looks like this:

{"id":12,"name":"o365","label":"office 365","description":"Office 365 SMTP service","is_active":true,"type":"smtp_email","mutable":true,"deletable":true,"created_date":"2016-01-20 13:34:36","last_modified_date":"2016-01-20 13:50:45","created_by_id":1,"last_modified_by_id":1,"config":{"parameters":[]},"service_doc_by_service_id":[]}

All the actual SMTP parameters are missing.

Yes. This is a known bug. Working on a fix presently.

This bug is fixed in the forthcoming 2.1 release. Should be any day now.