Building a mini version of

I want to create a mini version of monster where I can integrate a lot of 3rd part services like coursa udemy udecity etc data and integreate them to the user profile . I was going to build it using a nodejs framework mainly sails js or loopback . but I came by Baas thing and dreamfactory as an open source system . long story short I’m asking in 7 points mainly .

1- performance and scalability as I’m planning to use the free tier vs nodejs running on multi nodes etc

2- Authentication with as many systems as possible aside from facebook , GitHub which are officially supported is that will be any easier with dreamfactory if the service is using auth2.0 and what if it’s not using it

3- is the free tier limits me with a certain number of process to run similarly and any other limitation in the free version that will not allow me to scale .

4- creating complex queries to the database in case of SQL e.g MySQL and how it can mange multi-database including NoSQL like mongo

5- if the system doesn’t support a database by default like rethinkDB for example what is the situation

6- any thought about the advantages of going old school instead of a Baas system ??

7- backup of custom scripts and configuration and thing similar to git . that will help me migrate my system from digital ocean to another provider for example

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@Hady_Rashwan Great questions! A lot of these are actually covered in DreamFactory blogs and docs. For performance and scalability I would recommend reading our blog post on scaling and another on performance benchmarks.

With regards to authentication, Dreamfactory provides a handful of methods check out the wiki entry here.

The free tier is only limited to what data sources are available as REST endpoints. With some planning and performance tuning ‘free tier’ will scale without issue.

Complex queries can be achieved via the API. For understanding this in detail I would recommend reading the wiki here. You can achieve quite a lot through the API alone with regards to complex queries and even schema management.

If DreamFactory doesn’t support a database by default we will research the vendor and hand it over to the product team for further discussion. DreamFactory is open source and hosted on GitHub so if you were so inclined you could submit a pull request. You mentioned RethinkDB, is this what you had in mind?

With regards to the advantages of going old school I’m not really sure I can speak to that. To me it seems much more advantageous to standardize on one platform and reduce the complexity of having to manage all the extra code. Not to mention the added productivity and shortened time to market for your application.

For backing up and moving services between clouds/service providers we offer a handy packaging and deployment tool which makes moving between dev,test and production and even clouds/service providers a seamless process. I would check out the wiki tutorial here.

I hope this helps give you some ideas!


I didn’t check back for some time sorry for that however I will take a serious look at the project and try on a small machine I’m using loopback for now but will try to repeat the same model using dream factory I didn’t write any code in loopback thanks to yoemen just some custom APIs so it wouldn’t be that hard to try dream factory thanks for your reply