Info regarding default database services

I have just started using DreamFactory.
I checked there are 2 database comes as a default services MongoDB & MySQL.

I want to know, these databases are how much scalable. It works with good speed for how much data.
Is it possible that I can start using these database services for now and later if my data increases to more extent then I can move to another fast MySql service like Amazon RDS ?

Thanks for reply.


All depends on the demand for your application. If you were not using DreamFactory would you setup a local MySQL/MongoDB installation to store your data? Or would you go for RDS from start? If you feel comfortable managing a local MySQL/MongoDB server and if this setup is ok for your system’s workload, go for it. Remember you’ll have to deal with database backups, redundancy, etc.

My production environment is running Bitnami EC2 distribution of DF and our databases are on RDS. But for the development environment I’m using the local MySQL server.

Good luck!