Call remote Services from dreamFactoty

I have installed dreamFactory in linux server and i am trying to call
remote services from dreamfactory. i have follow the documentation on
dreamfactory . Acccording to document i have created App , Users , Roles ,
Services . In Services section i have call remote url then
remote service not responding.
I have 5 web server X.X.X.4, X.X.X.5 , X.X.X.8, X.X.X.9 and X.X.X.12 and on X.X.X.12 webserver i have installed dreamFactory and X.X.X.4 is load balancer , All web server can access through VPN only .
Please let me know any way to resolve this issue through dreamFactory.

HI @Vikas_Choubey :slight_smile:

How you call your remote services?