Remote Web Service on local enviroment

I have Dreamfactory and my remote web service api both install on my local machine. I first tested using the edmunds api and sent requests and got back the responses and all look good. When i changed the baseurl of my Remote Web Service to my local api i get an internal 500 error. It doesn’t look like requests are hitting my local api.

Any suggestions?


This is the response that I get back from the request.

‘Whoops, looks like something went wrong.’

Hi @rstewart8,

What is your local api? A service of dreamfactory or other server running in the same machine? Can you reach this server using postman/curl or even a browser? What you have in dreamfactory.log?

Sorry for this basic questions, but we need to understand your scenario, please send us more details of your configuration :slight_smile:


Found my problem. User error. I had wrong path.