Calling a stored proc with the same database connection/session

We have a pretty tight security architecture implementing row-level-security enforced at the database level. When trying to use DreamFactory we are needing to call a stored procedure that handles setting a few values in the session_context info that only has the scope of a single established PDO connection to the database. It seemed like this could be handled in the pre-processing server side scripts making another API call via PHP script, but that is establishing a new and separate connection to the database, then that connection drops before it continues with the original request. I’m trying to determine if we can reference the “current” connection to the database (that is active at the time the pre-process script is running it seems) to make that stored procedure call. Or I see that SQLite is setup in a way to call init scripts on connection, being able to use that against our database would accomplish the same thing. Using DF 2.1 with an Azure SQL Database. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.