REST API Architecture (.net service wrapper)

Client wants us to do the following points

Basically the architecture is that:

1 DreamFactory as the data access layer to the database
2. We’ll have a .net service wrapper that handles authentication, token assignment and connects to dreamfactory for the stored procedure call.
3. The Dreamfactory service will sit behind the firewall and convert the results automatically to JSON.

pls suggest what will we do from the scratch ?

Check here:
and here:
and here: Make a Stored Procedure Call using .NET SDK

Thanks crystal for the references…

Getting the following error while calling stored procedure with one input and one output parameter:-

“error”: [
“context”: null,
“message”: “Failed to call database stored procedure.\nSQLSTATE[IMSSP]: The active result for the query contains no fields.”,
“code”: 500

set NOCOUNT ON in your procedure. The DBLIB library does not like seeing the count returned in the first line of the response.

Thanks Drew…its DONE :smile:

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