Cannot connect to localhost with MySQL in Windows 8

I cannot connect to MySQL through localhost or

error message": “Failed to launch service “test”: CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection.”,

I’ve a fresh install of MySQL 5.6.19, port 3306 using all defaults,
I can ping localhost, from command prompt.
Using MySQL workbench, it shows server to be running and can connect to my test database
I’ve set up a DreamFactory service: Remote SQL DB
connection string is mysql:host=localhost;dbname=t1
The user is ‘newuser’ who has all rights to the t1 database, set up through MySQL workbench.
MySQL is running as a windows service,
Windows firewall set for 3306 incoming port open for MySQL service , using TCP

I cannot connect to localhost or through telnet

I suspect it is not a dreamfactory issue per se, but I don’t know what to do next and I have no technical resources at hand.

Regrets, but all this backend stuff is not my cup of tea. Just want to get access to local hosted data base the easiest way possible.


So you’re unable to tel net to that ip.port? If you can’t hit it with tel net then you definitely won’t be able to get your DSP to connect. Which package did you install? Bitnami? These packages come with a MySQL instance that come along with each one of them…

As far as your connection string, yes it should look like:


Maybe try and disable firewall completely… it’s potential that there’s a port conflict since our packaged DSP’s come with a MySQL instance. So that could be the problem, as well. It looks like you have two instances of MySQL running…


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