Cannot create a new service after install

Installed 1.9.4 as module on Bitnami Wamp stack 5.5.26-0. Install runs without any errors and launches dreadmfactory. Can then setup initial admin user login and successfully login in to the console. It will let me do most things, create an app, try our the API’s for the default services created by the install but I can’t create a new service of any type.

When I try to create a new service I can enter all the details but when I click on the final “Create Service” button, nothing happens. I get no messages on the screen. All I get in the log files are

[2015-10-10 13:47:47][app][ERROR ] REST Exception #404 > Service not found {“host”:“woltb2135”,“request_uri”:"/dreamfactory/dist/%7B%7B%20trustUrl(link.href)%20%7D%7D",“source_ip”:“”,“sapi_name”:“apache2handler”}
[2015-10-10 13:47:47][app][ERROR ] REST Exception #500 > Failed to launch service “dreamfactory”: Service not found {“host”:“woltb2135”,“request_uri”:"/dreamfactory/dist/%7B%7B%20trustUrl(link.href)%20%7D%7D",“source_ip”:“”,“sapi_name”:“apache2handler”}

Any ideas?

what version of Windows and what browser are you using?

Running on Windows 8 and using Chrome

can you open your browser’s console and watch the network tab while attempting to create a service?
It might provide more details about the problem you’re facing.
You can also try to create services via the API, and that will help identify where the breakdown is.