Change Confirmation code length Short while registration


I am facing one issue. When i am using /user/register REST API , i got mail with Confirmation code.

But confirmation code is too much long like DJ5JDEwJEtRZTNyU3lrM3B1ZzhLbFhDakFMZC45V0VSdk84VENxb2lFUDEyTEhMSWlEVXAzSUREYzlP

So I want to change my confirmation code length which can be easily type by User.

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How are you sending the new user data JSON to user/register?

could you paste here your code?


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HI kimpatro. I’ve got something similar I would like to accomplish. Just a 7-char token to send to user upon registration that they manually enter. Mobile app - goal is upon registration submit (with their phone number) this 7-char throw away / expire token in SMS’s to the number provided so they don’t need to log out, go to email, copy long token, press link then hand enter all their info again and paste token…

How should the JSON be formed to use DF close to out of box confirmation without having to set up entirely new confirmation process? Can it be done? The register string accepts a “code” param (2.04). I just locally installed 2.1 the user record has a 'confirm_code" field that is autopopulated…

Hi guy’s
Have you find a way to shorten the confirmation code?


Hey there @jeebee, @rjp and @Doli_Vadiya,

Thanks for your post and patience! I’m looking into this for you.

If you’ve found a workaround, please do post it here for the community. :slight_smile:


This is not possible without meddling in the source code currently, however there is a feature request filed for this.

If you feel like you want to hack at the code, check out this part of df-core and follow the trail to related items.

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