Password reset code length


Currently the reset password code generated by DF (v2.2.0) and sent via email is very long (around 81 chars).
Is there any setting to make it shorter?

Thanks in advance.

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The password is so long that it’s not possible to enter it manually (e.g. in a phone app when can’t copy & paste). Moreover, the link generated by the reset password email template doesn’t auto-fill in the reset code input box, so it’s necessary to copy and paste it.

@benbusse Any thoughts about this?

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Hello @rbarriuso,

We currently have a feature request for this: Sorry to say there is no work around as of yet. Copy and paste will be your friend.

Hope to update you soon.

there’s an issue logged for this. we will address it in an upcoming sprint later this year. sorry for the hassle.

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Ok, I hope it doesn’t take long. Thanks!

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